Sep 2, 2011


Way to go Travis!

The beautiful new DOUBLE RL & CO. online store has just opened their doors for business. With the spot on design aesthetic that has been a RRL staple since day one and true old world feel featuring RPPC & Tin Type style photographs that look like they were taken straight outta the Disfarmer Studio, the new online store is not to be missed. Check it out and buy some goods, you won't be sorry.
All photos courtesy of DOUBLE RL & CO.


  1. sure !! it's well executed,but where is the creativity here!?? where is the originality !?? pillaging someone else's work wether it is Disfarmer ,"least wanted"and "city of shadows" or any other doesn't make it for me .

  2. Hey Patric, I don't get it. Would you rather have a store that has the look of the new vector art Taco Bell logo? Aren't those great sweatshirts you are currently doing inspired by something someone else did long ago. Sure RRL isn't perfect but who is? I'd rather see all their goods made right here in the USA, but still they set the bar and have been and continue to be a major influence in our industry. Much like music, its all already been done. Would you rather see a great rockabilly band or listen to Kim frickin K or Rhinnanah or whatever her name is?
    Sorry, no harm intended, just had to rant.

  3. have the tools of the trade doesn't make you a great craftman .inspiration is good don't get me wrong look at what Christophe is doing for example.he is largely inspired by all that univers we both love right !? and even uses someone else's techniques but to creates his how stuff.....some might think that with its unlimited ressources RRL will come up with a more creative and not just a "copy /paste" kind of approach .

  4. do not be fooled by designers and boutiques that can they start to smell the toast and you try to put the pin on duty, never buy a good perfume at a flea market, then this is the same not buy work clothes in Gallery, for instance ... ...

  5. The problem with RRL is they tend to appropriate without acknowledgement. I think their products are overall pretty good, but the sizing is so out of whack from item to item & season to season. Then there is the issue with their pricing.....hard to pay big $ for something made in China or Indonesia. I know their buyers are having fun blowing sweaty wads of Mr. Lifshitz money on real vintage items for reference, but that still doesn't justify the high price. Nobody I know ever pays full retail for this stuff. That said, I think the website will change the game a bit. Maybe higher volume will result in lower prices? Will remain to see.


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