Sep 25, 2011

SETTING SUN....One Sun Sets Allowing Another Sun to Rise, THE RISING SUN & CO. Move Part I

I spent the better part of Saturday afternoon and evening helping our friend Mike Hodis, proprietor of RISING SUN & CO., get started with the relocation of his work shop and retail space. Known as one of the finest denim & canvas tailors in the nation if not the world, RISING SUN & CO. is moving from their Old Town Pasadena location to what will be their new home, just a few miles down the street to East Pasadena.
While it is a shame to see Mike have to dismantle his wonderful old shop of 5 years, the new space has as much if not more of the same flavor and character that has complemented the RISING SUN & CO. line of vintage inspired, fine tailored goods so well. Rest assured that as the sun sets on the old location, a new day will dawn and a new sun will rise, giving birth to a new chapter in the ongoing evolution of the iconic brand.

I believe the shop will be open for business thru the end of the week or till the end of the month so by all means do your part and purchase some goods to help lighten the load. Best to call 1.626.793.3479 or email to confirm their status before you drop in.
The once clean & organized Rising Sun workshop, reduced to a mere shell of its former glory
The Motley Moving Crew L to R, Alex, Mike, Brendon and hiding behind the tree...Marion
The Crew joined at halftime by Julian, moving a few of what must have been 100 rolls of selvedge denim and duck canvas
The taking of these shots accounted for roughly 10 minutes of what was to become a 9 hour day. While I worked up a bigger sweat than I have in a quite a while, picking up a nice blood blister on one of my digits and offering a bit of knuckle flesh as a sacrifice to the moving gods, it was all good. And I thought I worked hard...Mike's brother Alex took time off from his day job of building-out stores for the likes of Levis & other well known brands to raise the work ethic bar and show how it's done. A tip of the old engineer & workman cap to Alex for busting some serious ass!  It was truly my pleasure to lend a hand to help a friend and hopefully make what must surely be quite the daunting task a little less daunting.
Marion sporting one of Rising Sun's Racer Tees
Julian's friend Thaddeus switched out of his street clothes and donned a Rising Sun chore coat and some vintage hunting pants to get dirty while lending a hand hauling some fabric

The photos here provide a brief glimpse behind the scenes of a very long and busy Saturday. The beginning stages of the relocation focused on moving the work shop and the many vintage sewing machines and the rolls upon rolls of selvedge denim and canvas duck fabric used to construct so many wonderful garments. These photos will be even more interesting to look back at and provide perspective once the dust settles and the phoenix rises from the ashes. Look for more on the new shop in future posts.
The sweat soaked darker portions of the tongue and ankles on my Red Wing Iron Rangers show just how much effort was expended. Seen a few hours after getting home Saturday night
My trusty Salt & Pepper convert cloth cap seen at about midnight Saturday night, some 3 hours after wrapping up work.  Had kind of the old stanky gym clothes thing going on. This hat's gonna need a soak


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