Feb 28, 2011

Rising Sun & Co. Selvege Edge Indigo Canvas Outdoor Vest

In need of some inspiration and not wanting to miss an opportunity, I made the short trip to Pasadena this past Saturday to visit Rising Sun & Co. in order to pick up one of their fantastic Outdoor Vests.   A recent post via the Rising Sun blog announced that a small run was just finished up in sizes large & xtra large for us regular sized guys.
This was my first true retail purchase in some 3 odd years, paid for with hard earned dollars (I picked up 2 newsboy caps from RRL about same time last year with some B-day money, that doesn't count). I can't express just how good it feels to spend some non-disposable income on a quality garment made by quality people here in the good old USA. 
Display cases filled with Indigo & Duck goods. Oh yeah, that floor is leather. 

Details, details, everywhere you look... such nice details.

The new batch of Outdoor Vests. Full warp & weft indigo dyed Cone Mills selvage canvas front paired with brown selvage canvas back, via Rising Sun.
Indigo canvas buckle back via Rising Sun 

  Indigo cotton thread run off attached to the single needle portion of the Rising Sun loomed label. One of the many nice details, via Rising Sun

 Marion B. keeping it real.

Mike showing off a pair of Rising Sun jeans fresh from a customer in Japan, where they were worn for 2 years straight, resulting in some crazy authentic wear including fade, whiskers & hige.

Just a few of the many buttons and rivets in the workshop.

Master tailor Bellar at the rivet press.

Nothing like a true workshop showing signs of real use. Mike was gracious enough to share his time and passion along with some of the truly fantastic pieces that he's currently working on. Inspired by vintage Stiffel cloth, Wabash and other stamped fine stripe fabrics along with some seriously authentic washes & finishes, I'm already starting a fund for when these become available.

Beautiful fine stripe herringbone twill sack coat in the works.

My new vest..one happy customer.

I will be taking some detailed pictures of the vest including some before and after shots showing break in & wear  for a future post.
Note how much darker the vest's brown duck is compared to my 70's era Carhartt "horseshoe" double front work pants.

A little token of my appreciation. Authentic vintage Cat's Paw key chain I gave to Mike that he immediately added to his key ring.

All in all a very nice visit to a wonderful shop. Home to some of the most authentic and highest quality indigo & duck canvas clothing in the world (right here in our own backyard), not to mention the friendly & knowledgeable folks behind the goods.
I can't say enough positive things about Mike & Bellar, what they are doing outta this fantastic shop in Old Town Pasadena and just how they are doing it. Be sure to stop in and pay them a visit when in town or check out the Rising Sun website for more information & details. 

Feb 18, 2011

Feb 16, 2011

New Banksy Art in Los Angeles

Arson inclined Charlie Brown on this burned out building
Banksy's The Crayon Boy & Charlie Brown (above) via Laughing Squid & Wooster Collective. Crayon Boy via LC
New Banksy in LA via Laughing Squid

Billboard above Sunset Blvd & LaBrea, has since been taken down. via Laughing Squid & Wooster Collective

Props to KN for sharing The Crayon Boy & link to Laughing Squid

Feb 14, 2011

Friday Nite February 11, Inspiration 2011 @ The Queen Mary

Inspiration on The Queen Mary, Friday Night February 11th 2011 
Please excuse the blurry photos, taken in the car while in route
Our late arrival provided some nice lighting
TRICO FIELD Style With A Message, Just For Kids, bringing some very nice very detailed children's wear
Button Works
Jeff Decker
More Jeff Decker / HIPPODROME STUDIO Fine Bronze Art
Beautiful hand crafted leather, also design & detail heavy, fine metal goods from GOOD ART
Some very GOOD ART
Michele with new friends Rachel and Josh of GOOD ART
NICE Troy Lee Designs Bruce Brown Films "Checkers M/C" inspired ON ANY SUNDAY  Limited Edition Helmet
Troy Lee Design booth featuring the iconic shot of Steve McQueen from the 1964 I.S.D.T
Juyna Demura of Hayabusa, Hard core authentic vintage racing clothing & accessories
Hayabusa Kat Klother doing it right. No Reproductions Here.
Good friend Masahiko "Masa" Miyazaki of LITTLE REATA  and Yasunori Kadoi of GASOLINE