Feb 6, 2011

HELLRIDE feat. Stephen Perkins, Mike Watt & Wayne Kramer ONE NIGHT ONLY Sat Feb 12, 11 pm

HELLRIDE is the brainchild of Jane’s Addiction / Banyan drummer Stephen Perkins and features punk icon Mike Watt on Bass and Peter Destefano of Porno for Pyros on guitar.
For this special engagement, guitarist Wayne Kramer of the legendary Detroit band MC5 will be filling in for Peter and rounding out this power trio. 
Stephen Perkins
Mike Watt 
courtesy EA Underground

Wayne Kramer & Iggy Pop
courtesy Associated Press
Wayne Kramer with the MC5 back in the day
The name HELLRIDE was chosen during early rehearsals in the Valley. With Watt making the long commute from Pedro (and Peter from Camarillo), he mentioned to Perkins “what a hell ride” the trip was.
Set features Stooges covers meets Coltrane inspired blowout. The fact that Mike Watt was influenced early on by both MC5 & the Stooges along with the coming together of three generations of punk rock (Kramer 70's, Watt 80's & Perkins 90's) makes for a truly special evening.
Banyan featuring Stephen Perkins & Mike Watt tear up the Stooges track Funhouse.
Show starts at 11pm so there is plenty of time to head to Santa Monica after the RRL private gathering (for those attending) on Saturday night.
The first 6 people to contact me via this blog or at Inspiration 2011 on Friday or Saturday will be added to the guest list.
The first 3 persons who present their Inspiration 2011 ticket stub or pass to me at the show will receive a limited edition commemorative concert tee to this special event.
Limited edition tee

Needless to say, these guys kick some serious ass! Come out and join us for an evening of real American music, from the streets of Detroit to the beach in Los Angeles. Hope to see you all there. 
Central Social Aid & Pleasure Club 1348 14th St. Santa Monica CA 90404. Get directions here.


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