Jan 31, 2012

1917 SWEET-ORR & CO. Advertising Note Book, Rare Version For Our Spanish Speaking Friends

Photo credits: advman

1940's SWEET-ORR Advertising Matches

Photo credit: advman

SWEET-ORR & CO. INC. 1943 Fall & Winter Price List

1943 Sweet-Orr price list that goes into detail on the difficulties faced by manufacturers during war time and their effort to meet the demand for quality Union Made work clothing.
Photos credit: advman

Jan 26, 2012

Late 60's Levis Ad featuring Ken Nordine

Props to Tommy Boy for the hook up.

Jan 25, 2012

Jackie Stewart tests the Tyrrell P34 6 wheeler at Circuit Paul Ricard

Classic footage of former three time formula one world champion Sir Jackie Stewart testing the then new 6 wheel Tyrell at Circuit Paul Ricard in France. Increased volume is recommended for maximum viewing pleasure, turn it up and hit the play button.


Jan 22, 2012

1930's RELIANCE BIG YANK Salt & Pepper Whipcord Breeches

1930's era BIG YANK "A RELIANCE PRODUCT" size & lot tag
Loomed SANFORIZED "Will Not Shrink" label located at inside waistband & pocket bag
Genuine BOAT SAIL pocketing stamp
WARD'S Fall/Winter 1933-1934 catalog

Jan 19, 2012

Enduring Working Raiment for America's Craftsmen: HAMILTON CARHARTT MANUFACTURER

The Profit on My Goods Too Small for Most Dealers
"If I can have but one thing, the respect of my customer or their business, I prefer the former, though I desire both, and trust I merit them. I have never manufactured goods for profit alone; profit is necessary , of course, but secondary to me. I would not consider that I was advancing in the business world unless I made friends as well as profits. Can it be said that I am not wise?"  Hamilton Carhartt

Jan 18, 2012

1930's Era Rural Class Photo

Photo from the vintage workwear.com collection
Even during tough Depression Era times, style prevailed. Some great details in this rural class photo include shirts buttoned to the top, angular pocket overalls, pop-over shirts, lace-to-toe boots and plenty of pomade assisted haircuts. Note that more than one young man is seen sporting the bare foot style reminiscent of a young Huckleberry Finn. As with most all of the wardrobe choices for the boys, this was likely born out of necessity and not a style choice. 
On the other hand, the young lady seen in the second row third from the left, seems to have an obvious sense of style. Looks to me like she could pass for a young Paz de la Huerta a.k.a. Lucy Danziger of Boardwalk Empire fame.

Jan 15, 2012

RELIANCE MANUFACTURING COMPANY "Black Beauty" and "Honor Bright" Ghost Signs

Reliance Manufacturing Company ghost signs revealed in Detroit, via Sweet Juniper blog.
Hit the above link for a bit of history on the dark side of Milton Goodman's Reliance company and their non labor friendly practices which unfortunately are a prime example of today's disinvestment in American manufacturing.