Jan 25, 2012

Jackie Stewart tests the Tyrrell P34 6 wheeler at Circuit Paul Ricard

Classic footage of former three time formula one world champion Sir Jackie Stewart testing the then new 6 wheel Tyrell at Circuit Paul Ricard in France. Increased volume is recommended for maximum viewing pleasure, turn it up and hit the play button.



  1. cool video...but,as much of a fan of racing as I am, I never got on-board with this design...it seemed to outlandish for me, sort of like science fiction or that Mammoth Car from Speed Racer...I'm still unclear as to what the advantage is since they are the non powered wheels, maybe more grip?, but adds more weight?...sorry I just can't get past the looks...

    1. K, The look was unique, likely one of the reasons why I'm attracted to it. This video post was also as much about the greatness of Jackie Stewart. I think you hit it regarding the grip upside, more contact patch on the ground. I recall Honda road race bikes during the Freddie Spencer era having a small front wheel for much the same reason. Nice article that goes into some details on the 6 wheelers here http://www.australianautosportcommunity.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=57#p383

  2. that is a cool article THANKS!...Jackie will always be one of my favs as well, this we agree on!...Kevin