Nov 26, 2010

Brown's Beach Jacket - Union Made in America

With the nighttime temps here in Southern California dipping down into the forties this past week, I have had the golden opportunity to break out my much loved but rarely worn Brown's Beach Jacket. This inspired me to share some photos my vintage Brown's Beach Jackets, Vests and few print ads from the collection. Also included are two vests and a jacket that we recently sold via The San Fernando Valley Mercantile and a couple of nice Japanese reproduction pieces. Enjoy!

Discovered these great jackets back around 2004 while searching for information on salt & pepper vintage workwear and gained a bit of an education while trying to find one in a larger size. Thanks to JD for the information and photos early on & RL for the BIG hook up back in 2007, another pivotal vintage workwear moment.  
My Brown's Beach Jackets & Vests 
My 3 pocket button front model, purchased as new old stock, worn only a handful of times 
 Brown's Beach Cloth DOT brand snap variation
 BROWN'S beach cloth, Norfolk MA label  
My new old stock 2 pocket zipper model with original hang tag and inspection tag. I believe this  model is known as a Surcoat. It cost more than the shorter button front version due in part to it's longer length and leather pocket detailing. 
Heavy Duty Talon zipper
Leather trimmed front pocket detail
Brown's Beach Jacket label & care tag
Garment inspection tag
Brown's Beach Jacket original bag, via JD 

My vintage Brown's Beach Vest, stripe version. Size 44
Brown's Beach Jacket embossed SCOVIL brand snap

My vintage Brown's Beach Vest, size 46
Brown's Beach Jacket SCOVIL snap. Piping showing honest wear
Iconic pocket shape & piping detail

Brown's Beach Jacket information tag, via JD
Information tag backside, note Union Made & Made in America at the bottom, via JD
My vintage duck canvas hunting pants with DOT brand Brown's Beach Cloth snap
Brown's Beach Cloth DOT brand snap  
Serval brand zipper
1943 -  A man, his beat-up Brown's Beach Jacket and a large fish. It's a great day!! 
via fellow Brown's aficionado Vintage Engineer Boots 
Vintage 1940's Brown's Beach collarless jacket with oversized snaps.
Sold via The San Fernando Valley Mercantile Co.
Vintage Brown's Beach Vest size 42. Sold via The San Fernando Valley Mercantile Co.
Vintage Brown's Beach Vest size 46. Sold via The San Fernando Valley Mercantile Co.
Vintage Brown's Beach Jacket in a favored stripe version via Vintage Engineer Boots blog

Fantastic Shawl Collar Japanese reproduction. Guess I'm kind of glad it wasn't made in larger sizes, I would of had to have it.
Reproduction Brown's Beach "Shelter Cap" in black via the WILD ONE, Japan
Recently ran across these Reproduction Brown's Beach "Shelter Caps" over at the WILD ONE.
May just need to try & snag one of these

Nov 21, 2010

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Zip Stevenson and the HTC Santa Rosa Engineer Boot

Seems our boy Zip had a special visitor to the HTC studios this past Saturday.  The former Mr Olympia came in for some stud work & left having ordered a custom made 17" pair of HTC's awesome Santa Rosa Engineer Boots.
Congratulation Zip, nicely done!
 Zip & happy customer Arnold
HTC Santa Rosa Engineer boots

Nov 20, 2010

Vintage 1940's Free Land Union Made Sanforized Salt & Pepper Coveralls

1940's era Free Land Union Made, Sanforized Salt & Pepper Convert Cloth Coveralls sold via The San Fernando Valley Mercantile Co. 
Nice Free Land Union Made, Sanforized loomed tag

Vintage CALIFORNIA BRAND denim chore coat deadstock

Very nice vintage California Brand chore jacket with angular side entry watch pocket and awesome neck label currently up for grabs on ebay. Ends in just over one hour, currently at $787. Size 34, this will likely be on it's way to Japan shortly. Update... final sale price of $1467.00
Awesome CALIFORNIA BRAND Guaranteed Overalls, a "Seal" of Quality tag
Nice inside view of exposed selvedge denim  

Nov 18, 2010

Bim Sherman BEWILDERED from the 1996 album Miracle

Bim Sherman Feburary 2 1950- November 19 2000 R.I.P.
Backed by former Sugarhill Gang (The Message, White Lines) band members Skip McDonald-guitar, Doug Wimbish- bass, along with Adrian Sherwood- sound & Talvin Singh- tabla. Studio Beats Orchestra Bombay- strings rounds out the mix.   
Other groups involving this band (no Bim) include, Tackhead, African Head Charge and the fantastic Little Axe. 

Skip "Little Axe" McDonald sporting some vintage workwear

Nov 17, 2010

1940's era Carhartt Brown Duck Zipper Jacket

1940's era Carhartt Brown Duck unlined work jacket with Talon zip closure & 
Talon pocket zipper with deco pull 
Action back shoulder detail for ease of movement 
Carhartt cursive back waist adjustor & sleeve cuff snaps
Carhartt UNION MADE SANFORIZED stitched neck tag with size
Talon main zipper
Talon chest pocket zipper
United Garment Workers of America UNION MADE label
1947 Carhartt note book
My business was not started to do the gainful thing alone,
but the just and honest thing, gainful if possible–
Hamilton Carhartt circa 1947

I wish more people shared this gentleman's business philosophy