Oct 31, 2011

Fun With Crafts; Ed "Big Daddy" Roth RAT FINK HEAD, Halloween 2011

Not as old or cool as the OG plastic mask with elastic string but it is vintage (dating from 1990), it is Big Daddy and it will have to do.

Vintage Racing Jackets; Halloween Edition October 31st 2011

ORANGE STITCH for Halloween, October 31 2011

In observance of Halloween; various orange stitch details found on vintage denim work jeans & jackets including single stitch, double stitch, triple stitch, chain stitch, traditional & dot bar-tack and keyhole button hole stitch. Also orange cuff and waistband trim found on vintage TIMKEN uniform garments.

Oct 24, 2011


Founded in 1898 by William Lapedes, the Lapedes family began selling clothing and dry goods to farmers around the Dayton area from a wagon. In the early 1900s, they opened the LION STORE downtown on Jefferson Street and began selling men's clothing. Over time the business evolved to selling service station and other types of uniforms. Lion Apparel Inc. continues to do business to this day with headquarters in Dayton and an old world set of beliefs and values.
Lapedes Clothing Wagon & LION STORE vintage photos via LION Uniform website
Vintage LION-BILT work jacket from the vintageworkwear.com archive
Pointed collar
Close up of the bell shaped WALDES zipper pull & herringbone twill fabric
Vintage LION-BILT UNIFORM CO. print ad
Vintage LION-BILT salt & pepper convert cloth work shirt with chinstrap neck closure via aren
The musical genius of a longtime favorite, Dayton's own Skip "Little Axe" McDonald
Coincidentally his new album IF YOU WANT LOYALTY BUY A DOG drops today 10/24/2011



Oct 20, 2011

Fun With Synths... Bebot, Leo Thermine, Bob Moog, Keith Emmerson, Joe Zawinul

I was recently turned on to the awesome Bebot-Robo Synth by my favorite brother & sister tandem of Michele & Stephen Perkins and must give proper credit where credit is due. I must say, this great iphone app delivers more bang for a buck ninety nine than I've had in a long time.
Upon first hearing some of the sounds that were coaxed out of the Bebot iphone app by a simple tap and drag of the finger I was reminded of the Thermin "electronic musical instrument" invented by Leon Thermine. Synthesizer inventor and electronic music pioneer Robert Moog later played a prominent role in the development and popularity of the Thermine and was a principal interview subject in the great 1993 documentary film, Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey. Bob Moog himself was also the subject of the great 2004 documentary Moog. Upon downloading the Bebot app I was not surprised to discover that along with the various Synthesizer and Looping options, Bebot includes a Thermine feature, thus further connecting the line between Bob & Leo, Synthesizer and Thermine.

Bebot inspired a search for some footage of old school Synthesizer favorites. 
Here are just a couple of nice finds featuring the extraordinary talents of Keith Emerson of the group Emerson, Lake & Palmer aka ELP and early footage of Joe Zawinul and the legendary band Weather Report.

Oct 14, 2011


NOS Vintage BULLS EYE Engineer Cap featuring a great co-branded BULLS EYE; Made of Cone 8 OZ. deeptone DENIM SANFORIZED trade marked loomed label
 Rare blue painted ventilation eyelets or grommets seen on the side of the cap provide another nice detail
With a bit of cloaxing, the inside headband seam reveals the green line selvedge edge of the Cone 8 OZ. deeptone SANFORIZED DENIM. Frugal use of a BULLS EYE printed tag that has been cut in half and used as the stamped size tag can is also seen.
Tennessee Overall Co. BULLS EYE OVERALLS invoice & mailing envelope