Aug 26, 2010


Found this great BIG bag this past month at the Rose Bowl Flea. Before the end of the day, I was offered 3 times what I paid for it from someone who saw it in the back of our booth. He liked it so much he left us his number just in case we decided to sell it at a later time. I remembered seeing a similar City Ice Delivery Co. Canvas Bag posted by Michael on ACL and recall being a bit jealous at the time (and not the first time). I decided to clean this one up and hang on to it; if nothing else I’ll use it to lug around some tools.

Nice logo

Another nice logo hiding on the inside

Much respect to the benchmark that is A Continuous Lean.

WORKERS K & T H Co Round Collar Wabash Shirt

Just received my Wabash Polka Dot Round Collar Work Shirt from Takashi of WORKERS. I have been impressed with his work on so many levels for some time and am happy to be able to finally add one of his fine pieces to my wardrobe. Now if only I could convince him to add some larger sizes to the fine black pin check Coltex fabric / Stifel Cloth pants, jackets & vests that he does so well. Check him out.
Besides the additional plastic bag that the shirt was placed in and a few staples, this is how it was shipped with no problems. Takashi even provided his homage to the Allied Printing Trades Council UNION LABEL, seen just above the Lot No. 1010 on the K&T H Co bag above.
This man is an inspiration. How excited was I to get this in the mail!

So many nice details on my new K & T  H  Co Wabash shirt

Watch pocket and xtra "button hole" for chain
Very cool shawl type round collar
Nice button details only seen from the bottom side

Thank you very much Takashi & congratulations on your new WORKERS Retail Store!

Aug 25, 2010

Denim with Character

While not Jeans of The Old West worthy, I am still inspired by the work long ago put into keeping these pieces in the “daily rotation”.
1950's Big Mac Dungarees
Period Repair
Period Repair
Coin pocket bar tacks & front pocket rivet
Crotch repair & Scovil GRIPPER ZIPPER
Child's button front dungaree shorts with period repairs & hem
UFO style rivets
Period repairs

1970’s Lee vs Carhartt Duck Canvas Double Leg Pants

Picked up both of these years ago and at the time never really realized just how similar they were. Were these manufactured by the same company (Carhartt) & labeled with a different  tag (Lee)? Both pair share many features including darker duck canvas, the earlier front pocket detail which utilizes the double front thigh panel as the front pocket, thus eliminating the need for separate interior cloth pockets, embossed front snap, talon 42 zipper, medium dark duck with loom character, extensive ufo type rivets throughout and lined back pockets with sewn in United Garment Workers Union Label. A special thanks to Jim Dempsey for the Carhartts & more a few years back. Will follow up with more detailed photos of both pair shortly. Till then, Lee's on top Carhartt's on the bottom in both of these side by side photos..

Red Wing Work Boots

I had been wearing the crepe sole moc toe work boots for some time and could not resist the vintage look of the 1911 Beckman Gentleman Travelers in Black Cherry when they were issued a few years back. I have since narrowed it down to the Iron Ranger 8111 for my daily work boots with the Beckman Gentleman Travelers seeing some light work & weekend use. The Moc Toe 875 also still see some sporadic use.

Some of my Red Wing boots worn over the past 5 odd years.

2006 Moc Toe 9106
2006 953?
2004 Moc Toe 8108 Green
Vintage Irish Setter Sport Boot with Vibram soles

Red Wing Heritage and Red Wing Shoe Japan are some cool sites for fans of Red Wing boots. RedWing1905 is also a nice blog of interest.

Aug 24, 2010

Stars and Stripes

1950's 2 pocket chore jacket star and wreath button.
1940's deadstock chore jacket stars and wreath button.
1940's overall stars and wreath button.
1940's Hercules overall stars and wreath button.
1940's indigo denim with selvedge edge overall stars and wreath button. 
1940's Penney's BIG MAC liberty stripe overall with primitive repair.
Note the nice job on lining up the stripe.
1930's OX-HIDE "pin check" fine stripe child's coverall
with hickory stripe primitive repair.

1960's Penney's BIG MAC hickory stripe overall with paint marks.

Vintage Overall Stripe Patterns & Variations

1937 Montgomery Ward Catalog.
Express Stripe
 1950's Penney's PAY-DAY Union Made Express Stripe Overall.
1960's Penney's BIG MAC Union Made Express Stripe Zipper Front Overall. 
Liberty Stripe
1950's Penney's Big Mac Union Made Liberty Stripe Overall.
1960's RED KAP Liberty Stripe variation work pants. 
1960's Lee Union Made Liberty Stripe variation Work Jacket.
Hickory Stripe
1940's J. C. Penney's BIG MAC "Safe-T-Flap" Hickory Stripe Overall.