Aug 26, 2010

WORKERS K & T H Co Round Collar Wabash Shirt

Just received my Wabash Polka Dot Round Collar Work Shirt from Takashi of WORKERS. I have been impressed with his work on so many levels for some time and am happy to be able to finally add one of his fine pieces to my wardrobe. Now if only I could convince him to add some larger sizes to the fine black pin check Coltex fabric / Stifel Cloth pants, jackets & vests that he does so well. Check him out.
Besides the additional plastic bag that the shirt was placed in and a few staples, this is how it was shipped with no problems. Takashi even provided his homage to the Allied Printing Trades Council UNION LABEL, seen just above the Lot No. 1010 on the K&T H Co bag above.
This man is an inspiration. How excited was I to get this in the mail!

So many nice details on my new K & T  H  Co Wabash shirt

Watch pocket and xtra "button hole" for chain
Very cool shawl type round collar
Nice button details only seen from the bottom side

Thank you very much Takashi & congratulations on your new WORKERS Retail Store!


  1. Great shirt! I got the same one and I was a little iffy with the fit at first, but it's growing on me!

  2. another great shirt by Workers, I'm an addict!

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