Aug 25, 2010

Red Wing Work Boots

I had been wearing the crepe sole moc toe work boots for some time and could not resist the vintage look of the 1911 Beckman Gentleman Travelers in Black Cherry when they were issued a few years back. I have since narrowed it down to the Iron Ranger 8111 for my daily work boots with the Beckman Gentleman Travelers seeing some light work & weekend use. The Moc Toe 875 also still see some sporadic use.

Some of my Red Wing boots worn over the past 5 odd years.

2006 Moc Toe 9106
2006 953?
2004 Moc Toe 8108 Green
Vintage Irish Setter Sport Boot with Vibram soles

Red Wing Heritage and Red Wing Shoe Japan are some cool sites for fans of Red Wing boots. RedWing1905 is also a nice blog of interest.


  1. I'm on the search for some vintage boots for a halloween costume. I came across your page and saw the boots in the first picture. Any chance you'd be interested in selling these boots? If so, email me at and let me know either way. Thank you!


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  3. I scored some nice new Iron Rangers in a sueded almost nubuck leather for over half their retail price. I'm eager to see how they'll fit and feel when they arrive.

  4. nice collection and pictures of red wing boots. not yet very found of the crepe soled types but this might change. got some images of heritage models 9013 and 1908 on my website, see them age at

  5. I'm really wanting a nice pair of vintage Red Wing Iron Rangers. Can someone help?

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