Aug 25, 2010

1970’s Lee vs Carhartt Duck Canvas Double Leg Pants

Picked up both of these years ago and at the time never really realized just how similar they were. Were these manufactured by the same company (Carhartt) & labeled with a different  tag (Lee)? Both pair share many features including darker duck canvas, the earlier front pocket detail which utilizes the double front thigh panel as the front pocket, thus eliminating the need for separate interior cloth pockets, embossed front snap, talon 42 zipper, medium dark duck with loom character, extensive ufo type rivets throughout and lined back pockets with sewn in United Garment Workers Union Label. A special thanks to Jim Dempsey for the Carhartts & more a few years back. Will follow up with more detailed photos of both pair shortly. Till then, Lee's on top Carhartt's on the bottom in both of these side by side photos..


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