Mar 30, 2012


Deadstock 1940's DUBBLE WARE Union Made SANFORIZED Blue Herringbone Twill Workshirt Lot 288 
Close up of the 1940's era DUBBLE WARE loomed label in gold and navy thread. The 1950's would see the label color changed to white and navy thread, a temporary removal of Union Made and REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. replaced by the ®
Cardboard front placket flasher. Great subtle use of the slogan MADE TO WEAR AND WEAR to accurately describe and emphasize the DUBBLE WARE brand name

Mar 29, 2012

Vintage HEADLIGHT Union Made Combination Denim & Hickory Stripe Work Coat

Vintage 1950's era HEADLIGHT Union Made indigo denim work coat with hickory stripe collar & lower front pockets
HEADLIGHT brand jacket photos courtesy of vintagegateway
1915 HEADLIGHT OVERALLS Made By Larned, Carter & Co. print ad from the vintage archive

Mar 25, 2012

Early 20th Century Lee Work Shirts Promotional Piece

Photos courtesy of wdpickers


As of March 22nd, 2012, and due to the deeds of three low-life SCUMBAGS from the city of Bandung, West Java, INDONESIA, we are no longer accepting orders or shipping to INDONESIA.
If you currently live in Indonesia and are buying Mister Freedom® merchandise locally, from dealers or ‘friends’, you are buying STOLEN goods, acquired illegally with STOLEN credit cards.
The stolen goods include large quantities of MF® Californian Blue Jeans, NOS MF® Chambray shirts, MF® Palladenim boots, MF® denim Ranch blouses… and more.
Here are the names and addresses of those three jerk-offs (to the best of our knowledge, as per the actual shipping infos):
* Esa Nugraha
jl. Sukamenak gg. Asep Hidayat No17 Sayati
Bandung, Jawa Barat 40227
Phone: 022-91309180
* Yeni Apriliani
jl. Cibolerang gg. Taruna 2 No7
Bandung, Jawa Barat 40225
Phone: 0812127877671
* Ricky Rinaldi
jl. Taman Klaten No4 Antapani
Bandung, Jawa Barat 40291
Phone: 92545023
If any descent local Bandung folks have any useful pertinent information, please email
If anyone would care to go break some legs before we get to them, don’t hold back.
These morons don’t know what they just got into… really
Thank you for your attention and cooperation.
The rest of the World can have a nice day.
 Christophe Loiron, MISTER FREEDOM®
UPDATES, March 23rd, 2012:
* Many thanks for the virtual help and support from kind Indonesian folks with this issue. We received valuable information. We appreciate your concern with this damaging but saddly not uncommon matter.
* However, ZERO gratitude yet to the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Los Angeles for the lack of help and the “call back on Monday“… One package has not yet been delivered and if his excellency the General Consul Hadi Martono and his fine team would really care to change things regarding the popular local sport of ”carding” in Bandung, they would make it a priority to ACT in a timely manner.
I am aware of, and respect, the Indonesian celebration of Nyepi, ”Day of Silence”. With our luck it falls today, and every March 23rd.
Looking forward to Monday, March 26th, as RES NON VERBA day.

This is a re-post of a recent story from the Mister Freedom site. We have much admiration and respect for Christophe and his work and hate to see this sort of thing happen to such good people.

Mar 20, 2012

Vintage 1930s GIBRALTAR BRAND Work Coat

Our friend Kevin from THRIFT SCORE... AND MORE... reached out recently to see if we could shed light what surely must be one of his all time great "scores". After watching and waiting to see just how high the bidding would go (and oh boy did it go, reaching just north of $3200) it's now time to share this fantastic piece. Well done K!
1930 GIBRALTAR TRIPLE STITCHED vintage workwear ad
N.O.S. 1930s era GIBRALTAR BRAND work coat with angular watch pocket & pencil slot
 Remnants of the original GIBRALTAR BRAND TRIPLE STITCHED paper flasher
GIBRALTAR BRAND work coat photos courtesy of The Kentucky Junker

Brand history: In the 1870s, three brothers, Edward, George and Charles Butler, started a business venture that would eventually become one of the greatest business success stories in American history. Together, the three brothers came up with the idea to sell wholesale merchandise to retail stores through the mail and use catalogs as their selling tool. Butler Brothers a division of American Wholesale Corporation, opened their first warehouse in Boston in 1877. In 1879, the brothers moved their business to Chicago. The business expanded to New York (1880), St. Louis (1898), Minneapolis (1907), Dallas (1911), Baltimore (1930), and San Francisco (1932). Gibraltar Brand overalls and coats was one of their trademarked brands.

Mar 8, 2012

1917 Print Ad for J.L. STIFEL & SONS Indigo Dyers and Printers: Stifel's Indigo Cloth and Miss Stifel Indigo

1917 Stifel print ad. Love the over-sized Stifel boot stamps see on the gentleman's overall cuffs. Likely not found on the actual overalls. Nice example of early branding.
Early 20th Century Stifel's Indigo Cloth tag courtesy of Everyone Eats Cookies

Mar 7, 2012

New Old Stock 1930's Lee Union Made Sanforized Shrunk Housemark Label Overalls

2 killer lots of 1930's era Lee "Housemark" Label Union Made Sanforized Shrunk Overalls courtesy of casims1
Lot of 5 features rare original pocket flashers, tags and even more rare paper bag packaging
 Lot of 4 features rarely seen full color pocket flashers and original tags
1940's era Lee Overalls Union Made advertizing sign courtesy of indian-head
Lee JELT DENIM Overalls flasher courtesy of the most excellent blog Union-Made.
Much respect to this great looking and informative resource, a must visit location for those who appreciate vintage graphic design and work wear history

Mar 6, 2012

Currently Watched On ebay: MELVAN, MELVINS Tour Van With Kurt Cobain Artwork

This ones for the diehards. MELVAN, Melvins tour van with KISS artwork courtesy of Kurt Cobain. Includes old registration signed by guitarists King Buzzo (Roger Osborne).
Place your winning bid here.