Mar 20, 2012

Vintage 1930s GIBRALTAR BRAND Work Coat

Our friend Kevin from THRIFT SCORE... AND MORE... reached out recently to see if we could shed light what surely must be one of his all time great "scores". After watching and waiting to see just how high the bidding would go (and oh boy did it go, reaching just north of $3200) it's now time to share this fantastic piece. Well done K!
1930 GIBRALTAR TRIPLE STITCHED vintage workwear ad
N.O.S. 1930s era GIBRALTAR BRAND work coat with angular watch pocket & pencil slot
 Remnants of the original GIBRALTAR BRAND TRIPLE STITCHED paper flasher
GIBRALTAR BRAND work coat photos courtesy of The Kentucky Junker

Brand history: In the 1870s, three brothers, Edward, George and Charles Butler, started a business venture that would eventually become one of the greatest business success stories in American history. Together, the three brothers came up with the idea to sell wholesale merchandise to retail stores through the mail and use catalogs as their selling tool. Butler Brothers a division of American Wholesale Corporation, opened their first warehouse in Boston in 1877. In 1879, the brothers moved their business to Chicago. The business expanded to New York (1880), St. Louis (1898), Minneapolis (1907), Dallas (1911), Baltimore (1930), and San Francisco (1932). Gibraltar Brand overalls and coats was one of their trademarked brands.


  1. GREAT Information, as usual!...THANKS again for setting me on the right course and THANKS for the props! Kevin

  2. Thanks for the info Warren...was floored by the auction results!

  3. Thanks for the brand history ! I take notes...

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