Mar 22, 2012

1930s Neustadter Brothers BOSS OF THE ROAD Union Made Bull Dog Jeans Lot & Size Waist Label


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  2. This pair of pants was handed down from my Grandfather who was a Teamster in The Produce District of Jack London Square in Oakland, California. My Granny sewed different color patches on it as a Hobo Costume for Grandpa which my Mother later wore passing them down to me as a Scare Crow costume one year. The stitching was very lightly done whip stitching so it was fairly easily removed to restore the pants. The purchaser on ebay said they would make a pattern from the jeans to make similar styled ones with the unique curved pockets and unusual style. This was my first ebay sale starting me out as an antique collectibles dealer for a number of years after that. The final price was $2,224.00 for this very rare pair of work pants that only survived due to the Halloween costume transformation.

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