Jan 29, 2014

Hat of the Week: 1960s Era Penney's BIG-MAC Balloon Top Engineer Cap

First off, apologies to all the readers of this blog for the lack of posts this past year. While we have been sharing with INSTAGRAM @vintageworkwear, it can't take the place of this blog nor does it allow for the multiple photos or written word that help to share just a bit of information about the vintage work clothing we have a passion for. This vintage BIG-MAC denim engineer cap marks the first edition of our new weekly "Hat of the Week" installment and a renewed effort to share information and photos of the vintage workwear we love. Enjoy!

1960s era Penneys BIG-MAC six panel denim "balloon top" engineer cap.
The variation of fading seen on the different types of denim used to construct this cap result in an almost two-tone appearance. Reminiscent of traditional "Eastern" type railroad caps with their hickory stripe crown paired with a denim headband and visor.
Beautiful fade variations between the darker denim of the visor and headband and the lighter edge trim of the visor.
Close up of the lighter weight denim of the headband and visor along with the Penneys BIG-MAC UNION MADE size label.
Close up view of the heavier grain denim used on the six panel crown portion of the cap.