Nov 17, 2010

1940's era Carhartt Brown Duck Zipper Jacket

1940's era Carhartt Brown Duck unlined work jacket with Talon zip closure & 
Talon pocket zipper with deco pull 
Action back shoulder detail for ease of movement 
Carhartt cursive back waist adjustor & sleeve cuff snaps
Carhartt UNION MADE SANFORIZED stitched neck tag with size
Talon main zipper
Talon chest pocket zipper
United Garment Workers of America UNION MADE label
1947 Carhartt note book
My business was not started to do the gainful thing alone,
but the just and honest thing, gainful if possible–
Hamilton Carhartt circa 1947

I wish more people shared this gentleman's business philosophy


  1. I have a pair of Sanforized Carhartt overalls in excellent condition with tags still on them,Im looking to find someone who can tell me about them and how much theyre worth also the price tag on them says $6.89,and Im willing to sell them A.S.A.P!!!!!! my email address is I also can provide pictures.

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