Feb 3, 2011

TIKI RANCH... Vintage Goods, Rose Bowl Icon, Inspiration 2011

This great Osh Kosh B'Gosh work wear sign can be seen at Inspiration 2011 
TIKI RANCH at Inspiration 2010, Barker Hangar, Santa Monica Airport
Randy Jones, aka TIKI RANCH is a master of what I like to call "the art of display". I am always impressed with the great selection of goods he brings to market and find myself checking out what fun stuff he has that I just can't do without every month at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. We are fortunate to have TIKI RANCH as a neighbor at the Bowl, so much of what he specializes in goes hand in hand with the vintage workwear we specialize in. Long time seller at The Rose Bowl, Long Beach Veterans Stadium and now Inspiration for the 2nd straight year. TIKI RANCH can always be counted on to serve up great visual appeal that seems to attract a most diverse crowd, pretty much anyone who appreciates cool and unusual vintage signs & crates with great graphics, parts bins & drawers of all sizes, industrial & machine age lighting, printers blocks and all sorts of other unique and inspiring finds that are always available... that is if you get there early!
Have a crate!
Nice drawers
TIKI RANCH also provides graphic design & quality printing services. So if you appreciate vintage graphics with a touch of both humor & edge, then Randy is your guy. 
Contact him at tikiranch@yahoo.com and check out his fine blog at www.tikiranch.blogspot.com   


  1. Great stuff! Looking forward to going to Inspiration AND Rose Bowl next weekend!


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