Feb 14, 2011

Friday Nite February 11, Inspiration 2011 @ The Queen Mary

Inspiration on The Queen Mary, Friday Night February 11th 2011 
Please excuse the blurry photos, taken in the car while in route
Our late arrival provided some nice lighting
TRICO FIELD Style With A Message, Just For Kids, bringing some very nice very detailed children's wear
Button Works
Jeff Decker
More Jeff Decker / HIPPODROME STUDIO Fine Bronze Art
Beautiful hand crafted leather, also design & detail heavy, fine metal goods from GOOD ART
Some very GOOD ART
Michele with new friends Rachel and Josh of GOOD ART
NICE Troy Lee Designs Bruce Brown Films "Checkers M/C" inspired ON ANY SUNDAY  Limited Edition Helmet
Troy Lee Design booth featuring the iconic shot of Steve McQueen from the 1964 I.S.D.T
Juyna Demura of Hayabusa, Hard core authentic vintage racing clothing & accessories
Hayabusa Kat Klother doing it right. No Reproductions Here.
Good friend Masahiko "Masa" Miyazaki of LITTLE REATA  and Yasunori Kadoi of GASOLINE

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