Sep 19, 2011

Vintage KING-O-WEAR Stroh's Brewery Side Buckle Work Jacket

Very nice vintage 1950's era KING-O-WEAR Stroh's Brewery work jacket in a much favored 3 pocket design. This classic Cossack style short wool motorcycle / work type jacket includes the following details.
• Multi-color wool that looks like solid black but shows multi-color fibers under close inspection.
• Leather detailing including elbow patches and cuff and pocket trim.
• Side buckle adjusters with twill tape edging.
• Slightly angled rt. side chest pocket with ring pull zipper. 
• Coats & Clark main zipper
• Large chain stitched Stroh's logo on back and Engineering divisional ID chain stitched in cursive script above rt. chest pocket. 
• Union Made in the USA.
 Nice photos via Planet Archives


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