Sep 3, 2011


Front cover of the Buddy Miles classic album Them Changes. Both title track and album cover image are long time favorites.

Buddy Miles "performs" his wicked fuzz infused classic Them Changes with introduction by the one and only Hugh Hefner... CRAZY.

Gatefold album cover art from The Buddy Miles record titled A Message To The People courtesy of one of my favorite artists, the mega talented Abdul Mati Klarwein, likely best known for his album art which graced the front of iconic albums by some of the biggest names in music including the Miles Davis birth of fusion & scorched earth classics Bitches Brew and Live Evil, Santana's Abraxas and trumpet player Jon Hassell's Power Spot, Aka-Darbari-Java / Magic Realism and Fourth World Vol. 2: Dream Theory in Malaya

Buddy Miles Harley Davidson Chopper Trike via The Selvedge Yard where a you can find a great piece on the funky drummer.

R.I.P. Buddy Miles, Abdul Mati Klarwein & Miles Davis
Props to Olivia at THE BIG MAMA INTROSPECTION for knowing what time it is. Check out her nice work.


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