Sep 15, 2011

Fashion's Night Out Sept. 8 2011 featuring Matt Winter's POST 42

Part 1 of a brief recap of FASHION'S NIGHT OUT 2011. The event went down Thursday night Sept. 8th at the burgeoning La Brea Ave. shopping district between 2nd & 3rd street. Apologies for the crappy photos, the iPhone usually takes much better images.
This installment features Matt Winter aka Mr. Winter and his well executed pop up Quonset Hut outfitted space known as POST 42. A bit of info on the Post 42 take on shopping can be found via
The focus of POST 42's is Mr. Winters preferred design aesthetic (an aesthetic shared by yours truly) featuring time worn objects including vintage industrial lighting, factory carts, storage lockers and cabinets not to mention the corrugated metal Quonset Huts used to house his wares which also include vintage board track motorcycles, and vintage clothing. Another nice feature was the conversion of one of the huts to a movie room which featured looped video images of nuclear tests from yesteryear, their resulting mushroom clouds and the accompanying sonic roar which can be experienced in the video below.

RRL alumni Alex sporting his new favored direction in hat style