May 3, 2011

Vintage FINCK'S Chore Jacket and Overalls "Wear Like a Pig's Nose"

Unused 1950's era FINCK'S RED \ BAR WORK GARMENTS promotional matchbook
Vintage 1950's era FINCK'S RED \ BAR Work Jacket in rare "dot" pinstripe fabric
Front watch pocket with RED \ BAR loomed rayon label & engraved FINCKS "pig" snap type button
FINCK'S RED \ BAR-UNION MADE-SANFORIZED loomed rayon lot size tag

Right side chest interior pocket
United Garment Workers of America union label
Matching FINCK'S RED \ BAR Overalls
Great RED BAR hardware with embossed pig
FINCK'S "Wear Like A Pig's Nose" UNION MADE SANFORIZED loomed rayon label located on back
United Garment Workers of America union label


  1. I sold sooo many of these back in the day...i kept one pair size 40 for me...they became my favourite overalls..I looked like a giant scary hillbilly ...and people were like.."wears like a pigs nose" whats that mean?

  2. There's an original Finck's wall billboard that was either A. The alleyway side of a building or B. The wall of a clothier or general style store, but it's now part of the interior wall of the poolroom (one table) of a local little bar. Cool that it's lasted this long. Kinda like their products.

  3. A pigs nose is tough! Like these overalls.

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