May 19, 2011

Brown's BEACH JACKETS and VESTS available for pre-order at Speedway Shop

Brown's Beach Jacket print ad, FARM JOURNAL AND FARMERS WIFE  December, 1940. From the vintage archive.
Just got word of this fine looking new collection of Brown's Beach Jackets & Vests from John and the folks at Speedway Shop, Sendai Japan. Would love to add the collar-less cardigan BBJ-124 and 3 button BBJ-7224 to the collection if larger sizes were available. Maybe later?

BBJ-124: 48000 JPY plus 3500 JPY for shipping   
BBJ-224: 52000 JPY plus 3500 JPY for shipping
BBJ-324: 32000 JPY plus 2500 JPY for shipping
BBJ-924: 48000 JPY plus 3500 JPY for shipping
BBJ-7224: 55000 JPY plus 3500 JPY for shipping
BBJ-524: 32000 JPY plus 2500 JPY for shipping

Present currency rate has 48000 Japanese yen equaling $587.85 USD. Check XE's Currency Converter for other conversion rates.

All items are available in sizes 34, 36, 38, 40 & 42 only.

All items are available in traditional Brown's Beach Jacket black, or navy color.

*No tax is charged if you are outside of Japan.
*Delivery is in October.
Pre-order items must be paid for to be reserved. Speedway Shop graciously requests that you not ask one to be held for you.

If you have any questions or to arrange for pre-order, please feel free to email the folks at Speedway anytime and they will get back with you ASAP. 

Or check em out at. <>
Speedway on
Rakuten <>
Speedway on eBay  <>        

A great opportunity to give business and support to someone close to those most effected by the ongoing disaster, someone who's making a difference. 


  1. Hello! I recently picked up an item that looks EXACTLY like a Brown's Beach vest but the tag is a 1930s/40s JC Penney Co. Inc. Foremost label. Do you have any idea if Penney's marketed true Brown's Beach items? Thank you!

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