May 30, 2011

TAG Heuer Grid Girl Mini Dresses at the Formula One Grand Prix of Monaco

These great looking Steve McQueen LeMans-Gulf Porsche inspired mini dresses were seen being worn by the grid girls during Sunday mornings pre race starting grid for the 2011 Formula One Grand Prix of Monaco. They can be seen again during the 30 minute pre race activities prior to the start of the race, which will re-air Monday morning May 30th at 9:00am pacific time on SPEED TV.
TAG Heuer at the Monaco Grand Prix  A special starting-grid event showcasing the famous Formula One “grid girls”. At the start of the race, the 24 stunning women will hold up boards bearing the racecar drivers’ names while wearing Formula 1 Lady Steel and Ceramic watches, TAG Heuer Avant-Garde eyewear and specially designed TAG Heuer mini-dresses inspired by Steve McQueen’s racing suit in the movie Le Mans. via Haute Horlogerie
In 1969, Tag Heuer broke rounded watch’s ruled tradition, launched an avant-garde square watch – Monaco chronograph watch, it was made of steel, neat and masculine appearance, Monaco chronograph watch became a classic model that people could not forget, especially being worn by the superstar Steve McQueen in “Le Mans”, his heroic posture in that film made people place infinite enthusiasm and desire on Monaco watch. via TAG Heuer Watch Review


  1. Love the Steve McQueen grid girl dress. Where can one be purchased?

    I am a huge race fan and love to dress up for the races.

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