May 11, 2011

Seattle Gas Co."Shops" Aug. 11 1938... Gasworks Park, Present Day

Rose Bowl find from this past Sunday. Panoramic workers photograph... Seattle Gas Co. "Shops" Seattle, Washington, Aug 11, 1938.  Photo credit C. Hafford
Scanned image revealing a treasure trove of vintage workwear including a great collection of Express Stripe Overalls & Coveralls, Chambray Work Shirts, Work Boots, Hats and Caps.  Too may great looks to mention them all but 5th from lower left and what looks to be the main man top row center (seen top row 2nd from right) are killing it.
Great glasses seen upper row 3rd from right, awesome pocket on the coveralls upper row 5th from right and jacket with ball chain zipper pull seen bottom row 2nd from left are just a few of the many details worth mentioning.

Seattle's Gasworks Park... from a place of  natural beauty to an industrial wasteland and back again.
From its industrial past rises one of the most unusual parks in the world.


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