Nov 15, 2012

Vintage PENNEY'S BIG MAC Coveralls

New old stock PENNEY'S BIG MAC one piece work suit with original flasher. This vintage suit features two tone •SANFORIZED• herringbone twill fabric and was customized with company name and employee chain stitching. Details include ACTION BACK shoulder pleating for full range of movement, double stitched SAIL CLOTH pockets, BAR TACK stitching at points of strain and TWO WAY ZIPPER. The PENNEY's BIG MAC front pocket label dates this coverall to the early 1950's.
Sold via The San Fernando Valley Mercantile Co.


  1. Poor Old Bill, we sure miss him....just curious, what does it say on the back...nice find! Kevin

  2. Coveralls are one of my all time favorite things. These are killer! Love the two tone. I wore a beautiful set over the summer (a dealer friend let me borrow them) and it was painful to give them back! Here they are, had to belt them though:

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