Nov 17, 2012

CARHARTT PARK, KENTUCKY...Near the Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln

Hamilton Carhartt has long been a source of inspiration, for amongst other things his honorable business practices and treatment of both employees and his fellow man. His respect for President Abraham Lincoln is seen in these vintage Carhartt promotional pieces.

Vintage "CARHARTT PARK" Post Card honoring the "Back To The Land" factory located near Abraham Lincoln's birthplace. From the vintage collection
Backside of the "CARHARTT PARK" Post Card seen above, honoring President Abraham Lincoln.
From the vintage collection
Information on the CARHARTT PARK Overall Factory located in Kentucky, near the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln taken from a 1935 promotional Carhartt Universal Time Book. From the vintage collection
 Copper etching portrait of Lincoln and his GETTYSBURG ADDRESS taken from a promotional 1935 Carhartt Universal Time Book. From the vintage collectio
See the film LINCOLN in theaters now, directed by Steven Spielberg and staring the mega talented and much respected Daniel Day-Lewis in the title role as Abraham Lincoln.


  1.'s odd that we never find any early vintage Carhartt here in Kentucky...

  2. Great postcard. I'm curious as to how many different postcards Carhartt issued for this movement. So far there's at least two. The one you show and the one I posted on May 25th. Even though the cards are basically identical, the variations are obvious.

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