May 31, 2012

1930s CARHARTT OVERALLS Advertising Bandana

Fantastic CARHARTT OVERALLS advertising bandana likely dating to the 1930's possibly earlier. Mega rare joint effort featuring both the manufacturer (Carhartt) and retail store (William Glick of Willard, Ohio). Some of the nicest graphics and color combination seen on a promotional workwear bandana, fitting of one of the best brands ever. This bandanna even has the prerequisite paisley pattern.
Like the use of the arrow directing BEST FOR WEAR to the heart mark trolly car logo.
The seller of this rare piece must have hit the floor as it topped the $1,000 mark.


  1. it was fun to watch too, it seemed to be stuck at $300 and change, then totally exploded in the last minute or Rivethead would say, that thing "broke the sound barrior"!...

  2. this is not real saw the exact one at the carhartt store in seattle,store props to advertise the heritage of carhartt,whoever paid 1500 got ripped off

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