May 22, 2012

Celebrating Robert Moog's 78th Birthday

Hands down the best Google doodle ever (or at least since the Les Paul guitar doodle back in June 9 2011) is this tribute to Robert Moog the inventor of the electronic synthesizer who would have celebrated his 78th birthday on May 23rd. Go to the Google home page here and not only can you play the Moog synthesizer complete with pitch shifter, mixer, oscillators, filter and envelope effects but you can also record your jam using the attached reel to reel recorder. 
Those who read this blog know that we are big fans of Robert Moog having previously shared the appreciation for his work via the post Fun With Synths which also included the Bebot Robo Synth, one of the best apps out there and like today's Moog doodle, would have likely been given Bob Moog's stamp (or synth cord) of approval.
Happy Birthday Bob & thanks for the machine and the music!