May 14, 2012

H.D. Lee JELT DENIM OVERALLS & Lee RIDERS JEANS Promotional Denim Stand Up Figures

Miniature Lee promotional die-cut cardboard stand up figures. These figures stand approx. 8" tall and likely date to the 1950's. All three feature Lee Jelt Denim Overalls and Lee Riders Jeans made of actual denim fabric. Part of the collection.
Those who follow this blog likely know that we are fans of many vintage UNION MADE labels and these pieces fit into that category. All 3 cardboard stand-ups along with their denim overalls and jeans were printed by shops belonging to either the Allied Printing Trades Council Union or Amalgamated Lithographers of America Union and proudly feature the UNION LABEL, sometimes referred to as a "bug" label or stamp and seen in the photos below.