Aug 25, 2011


A great evening was had Wednesday night at the RRL Store on Melrose which in addition to featuring the clothes and accessories that we all know and love, showcased some fine vintage iron courtesy of BROUGH SUPERIOR, who built top of the line bikes between the years 1919-1940 and are often referred to as the Rolls Royce of motorcycles. Truly a fitting brand to share the RRL space. This post will focus on the bikes with possible future posts touching on the clothing side of things.
I believe this to be a 1920's era BROUGH SUPERIOR

Fry Smith food truck was on hand serving up their signature gourmet "topped" fries and Fat Tire Ale was one of the beverages of choice. The large turnout included many bike enthusiasts, most arriving on their preferred method of transportation. Caught up with some old friends and made some new ones. While I'm normally not one to notice or care of such things, there were many "names" in attendance including the silver haired motor junkie Jay Leno and Jillian Barberie of Good Day LA. Among those with whom I am impressed and I do care about were sculptor, designer & collector extraordinaire Jeff DeckerGreg Chapman of Schott NYC and the man who for me was the evenings highlight, the one and only Alain DeCadenet. I know of Alain from his days as both a gentleman racer (and a rather fast one at that) and host to the late great program on The Speed Channel (now SPEED TV) Victory By Design. Seems Alain is better know these days for being a vintage bike enthusiast based on the attention he gathered while starting his classic bike and heading off into the So Cal evening.

I still cant get enough of this great clip of Alain being buzzed by a Spitfire years back. Good for a big smile and laugh every time!

Big props to the fine folks at RRL including but not limited to Ben, Travis, Carlos and Ryan, for the great event which showcased their top notch hospitality and ever present sense of style.
To be expected...  yes, appreciated... most definitely. Thanks guys!


  1. lol i was there with nancy...did we bump faces...cause I sure enoyed those in and out burgers...

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