Aug 10, 2011

1920s Era PROFILE GARMENT Wool Work Jacket with Lace Side Waist Adjustors

Awesome 1920s era PROFILE GARMENT wool work jacket manufactured by CARTER & CHURCHILL CO. of Lebanon N.H. Made of Genuine Bridgewater Mills Fabric. 
Details include Talon Bell Style Grommet Zipper, Side Lace Adjustment, Wrist Straps with Buttons.
Would have been a great addition to the vintage workwear collection, too bad it sold for $1500 plus.
A tip of the cap to Double Six Vintage for continuing to offer up such great garments.
All photos courtesy of Double Six Vintage


  1. Damn, missed this one! What a killer piece and a hefty price to boot.

  2. ..I take it back, I was watching this one! That seller had a bunch of nice stuff ending this week.

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