Jul 8, 2010

Vent Hole Work Shirts…Part Two: Sugar Cane & Double RL

My first & only purchase of a Japanese reproduction piece was about 6 years ago or so. I picked up this Sugar Cane dark denim work shirt obtained via History Preservation Associates. A very nice shirt indeed with all the bells & whistles including chin-strap, scalloped yoke, double shoulder & elbows, ventilation grommets, shirt tail gussets with chain stitch runoff, Big Yank type embossed buttons and united garment workers union label facsimile.

Check out the Sugar Cane Japan website.

Also added to the collection a few years back were these RRL scalloped yoke vent hole work shirts, the pin check example being one of my favorites.

As mentioned, the pin check shirt is a favorite and stands out amongst some serious competition. With that said, there is a difference in quality between the Sugar Cane shirt & the RRL versions. While the RRL shirts look great, they don’t have the authentic details and craftsmanship of the Sugar Cane, which along with its great fit includes true double fabric shoulders & elbows. Check out the Sugar Cane UK website.


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