Jul 17, 2010

Mister Freedom Gap (PRODUCT) RED Ts and The Rose Bowl

With summer in full effect here in the Valley and temps reaching over 100, I thought I would check out the local Gap to see if there were any deals to be had on plain Ts. After spotting the new Gap (PRODUCT) RED Mister Freedom edition Ts my search was over. I grabbed both the Blue Mermaid & Black Gents Furnishings and Goods versions and left the White Navy Jeans & Terra Cotta Navy Coat versions since I just didn’t want to roll around with images of jeans & jackets on my chest no matter how much I like Christophe’s fine artwork. Priced at under $25 each with a portion of the profits going to a great cause and with a buy one & get one free promotion in effect, I went off and grabbed 2 of each, that’s 4 shirts for under $50 before tax. While I do love Mr Freedom’s work, these days I just can’t afford those prices so these low cost Ts were a treat.

Broke out the Gents' Furnishings version this past Sunday at the bowl after the morning rush left me in need of a fresh shirt. I do like the fit of these shirts, what I don't like is that protrusion under the graphic. Gonna have to work on that.
Our new permanent space.
The San Fernando Valley Mercantile at The Rose Bowl, check us out in the white section space # 3282, just across the bridge & close to the garlic fries!


  1. I really like your site and will reference it in my blog… best…!!! Tshirts of my friend C. loiron are crazy !!!

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