Dec 2, 2012

Early 1900's CARHARTT Union Made Clothing Fabric Sample Mailer

Turn of the century Hamilton Carhartt Manufacturing Co. illustrated Union Made Work Clothing brochure with fabric samples. 
Cloth swatches include denim, heart print indigo dyed wabash, yarn dyed black cotton twill and a long time favorite pin-check referred to here as "highest grade and favorites in the south". The swatch of blue twill with grey and white twisted yarn warp or fill seen in the upper left corner is especially interesting. The taupe or olive colored twill seen in the lower right corner was used for New York state work uniforms. A similar color is found on vintage NYC workers uniform garments manufactured by Sweet-Orr. 
In addition to the various fabrics, the illustration of the rail worker holding the oil can (seen in the middle of the fabric swatches) and THE TROLLY CAR-HEART BRAND Union Made Pants and Overalls box logo are also seen in various Carhartt Railroad Time Books dating from 1900 to 1907 and help to date this mailer to the early 1900's.
All photos courtesy of pakagr


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