Dec 26, 2012

BASKETBALL JONES... Cheech and Chong

It's that time of the year when the seminal Cheech and Chong Christmas track Santa Claus And His Old Lady is in full rotation and our thoughts turn to another slice of classic old school humor.
The 1973 song and 1975 animated short film Basketball Jones by Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong hits the mark on so many levels, lets hope everyone "gets it" and enjoys it as much as we have for nearly 40 years. The fact that the film was produced at a time (pre MTV) when there were no traditional outlets for these types of music videos along with the "who's who" involved with both music and animation makes the Basketball Jones legacy all the more special. Some of the names who contributed will both surprise and impress. Enjoy!

Cheech Marin - Falseto Vocal as Tryone Shoelaces
Tommy Chong - Keyboards on original demo
George Harrison - Guitar
Klaus Vorman - Bass
Jim Keltner - Percussion
Carol King - Electric Piano
Nicky Hopkins - Piano
Tom Scott - Saxophone
Billy Preston - Organ
Darlene Love - Vocal
Michele Philips - Vocal
Ronnie Spector - Vocal
Lou Adler - Producer
Paul Gruwell - Animation


  1. wow!...some heavy hitter musicians right there! there was an awesome after party!

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