Dec 25, 2011

Santa's Got A Brand New (Vintage) Bag

Vintage Woolrich Vest-Jac
Vintage Woolrich Mackinaw Hunting Jacket
Vintage Woolrich Vest
Vintage GLOBE MFG. CO. canvas fireman's trousers w/ plaid flannel lining
NOS vintage Carhartt hunting cap with cotton flannel lining
Vintage Red Wing boots, model 8180 circa 1994
Via this mornings LA TIMES Image section:  Glenn O'Brien, author of "How to Be a Man" and GQ's "Style Guy" columnist: "I kind of like the traditional outfit, although a tartan might be a nice variation [in] a red-based plaid. [Santa Claus] probably wears Woolrich — the really, really super-heavy wool trousers, jacket and vest that are made for hunters, which will be good so he won't be mistaken for a reindeer. He'd be wearing those American-made Red Wing boots that are really hip right now, and beards are back. Santa's more in style than ever now".

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best this Holiday Season.