Dec 2, 2011

Deadstock 1960s Lee 191-Z JELT DENIM UNION MADE SANFORIZED Carpenter Dungaree


  1. I just found a pair of these vintage jeans with the tags and all. Is there a market for them? If so, what kind of value do you place on them and where do you think I could sell them?
    Thanks! Margie in Wisconsin

  2. Hi Margie in Wisconsin, I'm sure there is a market. Value depends on manufacturer, model, date produced, condition etc. We buy and sell vintage workwear and would be happy to offer you our estimated value. You can contact us at if you have any questions or want to send some photos.

  3. We have been collecting for a church rummage sale and recently were given a Lee Jelt Denim jacket, with a carboard ad stapled inside for Lee Overalls. There is a date on the cardboard @1949. Obviously it has never been worn. I'm trying to determine it's true value-obviously we can do better on ebay than we could at the rummage sale! I've found reference to one being sold for $125. The ones presently listed are asking a lot more. Those all have some damage from wear. Any idea what a pristine 91-B with label would go for?