Jul 21, 2011

Vintage 1940's-1950's BELL SYSTEM Canvas & Leather Tool Bag Part II... Selvedge Details

Vintage Bell System Canvas & Leather Repairman's Tool Bag #4. 
These bags are often found in garages, hanging in barns and in outdoor storage sheds where they have been sitting for decades, exposed to the elements including moisture, extreme hot & cold temperature changes, dirt & petroleum products. Needless to say, these elements are not leather's best friends. If not for the water damaged leather bottom, this would be one of the nicer examples from the archive

Selvedge detail can be seen on the upper edge above the frame rivets, running the length of the bag. This version features heavy duty aluminum roller buckles
Selvedge detail seen on inside pocket
Close up of selvedge detail running across top of large rivet reinforced inside pocket
Check out the tool bag on the floor at the installers feet. 
Great design stands the test of time
 Nice Old School Bell Telephone Work Truck
Vintage Bell Telephone images via porticus.org


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