Dec 23, 2010

Wool Blanket Lined Vintage Work Jackets

I really like the substance and color that wool blanket lining adds to these vintage work jackets. Here are a few pieces from the collection to get us started. I will post a follow-up with more including various vintage Lee jackets once I can dig them out.
1950's era Montgomery Ward POWR-HOUSE Union Made Chore Jacket
1940's-50's era Carhartt Union Made Dark Brown Duck Zipper Jacket 
1940's era Carhartt Union Made Brown Duck Chore Jacket with Special Pocket

1950's era Wrangler Big Ben Convert Cloth Salt & Pepper Zipper Jacket
1950's era Sears Hercules Union Made Zipper Jacket
1940's era J.C. Penney Ox Hide / Big Mac Chore Jacket
Sweet Dapper's Wool Blanket Lining Work Cap via The Wild One Japan

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