Dec 17, 2010

Urban Decay and Aged Beauty, the photographs of Eric Holubrow

Recently came across the great work of photographer Eric Holubrow via the Lost Treasures Of The City video clip. For a long time now I have had an appreciation for the ghosts of manufacturing and industry, and the architectural salvage, industrial furniture, lighting, and distressed paint that go hand in hand. The time worn character and reminder of days gone by are also part of my allure to vintage workwear.
  Turbines, Richmond 2008
  Brain Trust, Richmond 2008
 Shirt Factory, Gary Indiana 2008
 Industrial Accident, Chicago 2008
Fisher Auto, Detroit 2008
Cell Block D, Eastern State Pennitentiary, Pennsylvania 2008 
Barricade, Eastern State Pennitentiary, Pennsylvania 2008 
Capone's Cell, Eastern State Pennitentiary, Pennsylvania 2008
Saint Boniface Church, Chicago 2009
Remains in Light, Michigan Central Station, Detroit 2007


  1. These are wonderful! Thanks for posting!

  2. Hey Mose, Thanks for following & taking the time to leave a comment. These photos are truly too nice not to share.
    Wishing you Happy Holidays!