Oct 25, 2010

Lightning Magazine Special Issue ALL ABOUT VINTAGE DENIM Vol.91

A week ago Sunday we had the pleasure of having Lighting Magazine editor Shogo Koike and photographer Tadashi Tawarayama over to our house to have a look at some of our vintage workwear, talk shop & take some photos. It was one of those last minute things, I wasn't sure if they were even gonna take any pictures. We had almost no time to prepare for the visit, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they got some good shots. 
I provided Shogo access to my closet, also a few bins filled with workwear along with assorted print & promotional material from the collection. After 3 hours of shooting & story telling they wrapped it up and left me with this current special issue ALL ABOUT VINTAGE DENIM which had yet to hit the US stands.

I highly recommend this issue as a great guide book & resource for the vintage workwear afficinado. It features many of the same brands & types of items featured on this blog & sold via The San Fernando Valley Mercantile Co. Contact us if you can't find a copy.

Above, our boy Zip Stevenson of Hollywood Trading Company, Denim Doctors & The Stevenson Overall Co.
This reminds me of something that Zip recently said to me. I recall it going something like "you don't need to breath all the air", or as we said at the drinking fountain back in grade school, "save some for the fishes".

If & when the photos appear in the upcoming Lightning Vintage Issue, I will post some pictures of some of the pieces featured.

Big thanks to Shogo & Tad from Lightning for their visit & the special issue and to Zip for the hook up.