Oct 27, 2010

Great Shirts, Nigel Cabourn & The Rose Bowl

There was lots of interest in this great vintage 1940's era Par-Val chambray work shirt last month at the Rose Bowl Flea. One very nice gentleman with an obvious sense of style who liked it a lot and hung out for a while to discuss a few of it’s finer points was none other than Nigel Cabourn. As he convinced his friend Sam (who had a great pair of glasses hanging around his neck) to try it on I commented on how nice it must be to have someone pointing out great pieces and Nigel stated something to the effect that he was Sam’s personal dresser. I told Nigel that if the shirt fit a bit better that it would be a keeper and not for sale. Bet more than a few people out there would love to have Nigel Cabourn as their own personal dresser.

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