Mar 2, 2013

Vintage BIG YANK Chambray Work Shirt with Sweat Proof Pocket

1950s era BIG YANK Union Made Sanforized Chambray Work Shirt featuring unique pocket sometimes referred to as a cigarette pocket. The BIG YANK sweat proof pocket design is a classic example of form follows function, having been used on various RELIANCE BIG YANK work shirts since the early 20th century. This rare example is deadstock or new old stock having never been tried on or worn let alone unpinned or opened.

Below the same model shirt with character and fade from years of wear and tear is seen for comparison
1950s era collar was significantly less pointed than its predecessor from the 1940's. This shirt also features signature BIG YANK diamond embossed buttons. Their thicker shape and raised detail were much easier for working men to button and unbutton.
Left side squared off sweat proof pocket with flap closure shares the same basic size and shape as the conventional right side pocket, setting this version apart from previous incarnations with their "big pocket and triangular topped little pocket" design.
Lower hem reinforcement gusset with exposed selvedge edge, again form following function
BIG YANK signature arched upper yoke with two layers of fabric.  The dual layers add  additional protection while carrying loads on the shoulder in addition to added life to the garment, another example of form following function.
 About the only pet peeve is that The BIG YANK UNION MADE SANFORIZED neck label found on shirts from this era were attached with glue and have a tendency to become detached after many washings.  Color variation between the deadstock and used versions of the same shirt can be seen in the photo above.