Feb 12, 2013

Antique FINCK'S "DETROIT-SPECIAL" OVERALLS "Wear Like A Pigs Nose" Advertising Whistle... For Mike

Today we share this FINCK'S UNION MADE "DETROIT-SPECIAL" OVERALLS advertising whistle in fond memory of Mike Hersh. His wonderful blog UNION-MADE set the bar high for vintage workwear advertising, promotional and print material. While we were proud of the fact that many of the pieces Mike so graciously shared were also in our collection, his knowledge, insight and obvious passion for the art and history set him (and UNION-MADE) apart and reminded us on so many occasions as to just why we love this stuff. Mike's frequent positive comments on this blog were always appreciated and provided food for the soul and fuel for the fire in the quest to find time and motivation in the busy schedule to post and share. I never got the chance to meet Mike up close and in person but truly considered him to be a friend, brother-in-arms and much valued member of our little blogging community. News this past weekend of Mike's passing hits hard and reminds us of just how precious life is and to appreciate the time and interaction we have with those whose light burns bright... we never know when that light will dim and no longer be with us. 
R.I.P Mike and Godspeed.

Antique FINCK'S "LOUD AD" advertising whistle manufactured by F.G. Fawkes & Co. Chicago U.S.A.  Patent in U.S. and Canada 1909 & 1910.
"A tune can be played, a Parrot or Rooster imitated, etc". After one hundred years give or take it still works!


  1. Beautiful! I have that little piggy tattooed on my side Warren...;-)

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