Sep 12, 2012

1930's, 40's & 50's Era Brown's Beach Jacket Print Advertising

Some recently unearthed Brown's Beach Jacket print advertising dating from the 1930's thru the1950's. Shared along with the photos below was a bit of information that sheds light on some of the later history of this iconic brand.
WWII era Brown's Beach Jacket promo poster
Various 1940's Brown's Beach Jacket & Vest dealer promos
1936 Brown's Beach Jacket print ad
1940s Brown's Beach Jacket dealer promo
1941 Brown's Beach Jacket Holiday ad
1955 Brown's Beach Play 'n Sport SHORTS print ad
1951 Brown's Beach Cloth BOOT SOX print ad
WWII era Brown's Beach Jacket print ad
Early full color Brown's Beach Jacket print ad. A variation of this ad can be seen in our 2010 post here
Letter from Brown's Beach Jacket Founder and President Samuel W. Brown to dealers
Jacob Finkelstein and Sons acquired the rights to manufacture iconic Brown's Beach Jackets and Vests at his factory in Woonsocket, Rhode Island and received the prior advertising history of the Brown's Beach products upon transfer of ownership. The print ads and dealer promotional signage seen above are just a portion of this early Brown's Beach Jacket advertising history. Information provided has Finkelstein and Son's selling the garments across the country in addition to offering them via their outlet store in an old horse barn in Middleborough, MA (Mass.). Since the advertising history obtained by Jacob Finkelstein and Sons covers the time period up until 1955, the transfer of ownership and manufacturing move to Woonsocket Rhode Island seems to have taken place after 1955.

Most of the dozen or so Brown's Beach Jackets and Vests that we have sold, traded or that currently reside in the VINTAGE WORKWEAR.COM collection have had the interior label that included the Worcester, Mass. manufacturing location, or no location listed on the label. One exception to this norm was one of the very first Brown's Beach Jackets I owned and this jacket had the less common Woonsocket RI label. Various Brown's Beach Jacket and Vest print ads from our archive that have been shared via this blog have also referred to the 35 Chandler, Worcester, Mass. location. One Brown's Beach Jacket ad previously shared does reference the 128 Singleton St. Woonsocket Rhode Island address. 

To make things more interesting, a deadstock 3 pocket model currently residing in our collection sports a label that looks to be of more recent design and includes a Norfolk, Mass. address and can be seen here. The original hang tags that reside with this garment and a deadstock Surcoat model with zipper front closure include the WPL number 4416.  
WPL numbers were issued from 1941 through 1959 under the Wool Products Labeling Act. WPL numbers begin at 00101 and end at 13669. This does not mean that the garment was produced in that time span, only that the number was issued to the company during that time.

Look for more history and information on this legendary company and their products to follow.


  1. I have a Brown's Beach Jacket with Worcester, Mass label. Is this worth something? It is a 4 pocket vest. There is a smaller label behind "Made Under Knitted Outerwear Code Authority" NRA (it is the National Recovery Administration logo)

  2. Hi Claire, sorry for the late reply. Most all Brown's Beach products including common garments like Jackets, Vests are of value. The NRA label likely dates your garment to the 1930's. We are always looking to purchase Brown's Beach items and would be happy to have a look at your vest and make you an offer. Thanks for your inquiry.

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