Aug 16, 2012


This jacket goes out to connoisseur of gentleman's hunting style, artist, fellow blogger and friend Vilbo a.k.a. FRENCH CANCAN in honor of his recent birthday. O.N. FORD / DAYTON BRAND vintage shooting jacket manufactured by The ROEHM-ROEHM Company of Dayton Ohio, a long defunct manufacturer of high grade twill and duck garments. 
Interesting "Norfolk" jacket type details including vertical suspender type reinforcements. An educated guess would be that these straps helped support heavy loads inside the pockets, any confirmation of this or additional information is always appreciated. Sleeve cut and construction including armpit gussets allowed for the wide range of movement needed while shooting
Removable buttons a.k.a. change buttons
One of two chain stitched chenille felt patches
Reinforced shoulders feature same stitch detail found on much favored ventilation hole / scallop back work shirts of the 1920s-1940's
Available via The San Fernando Valley Mercantile Co. Part of the collection.

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