Feb 22, 2012

1950's Era HEADLIGHT HEADIES Vintage Dungarees

1950's Era HEADLIGHT OVERALLS brand, HEADIES model boys dungarees that recently sold for north of the $1500 dollar figure. Deadstock condition and Union Made in the USA of Sanforized denim. Thanks to backtotheunknown for this find, the photos and following information.  
"In the 1930’s, Headlight Overalls of Detroit merged with Crown Overall Mfg. Co. of Cincinnati.  The new company, Crown-Headlight, was headquartered in Cincinnati/San Francisco but continued to sell garments under both the Crown and Headlight brands. As the waist label on these jeans confirms, this pair is of the post-merger era.  The waist label also mentions federal specifications for textiles that were first introduced in April 1937.  Because Crown-Headlight was ultimately bought out by Carhartt in 1960. In the early 1950’s, advertisements for Headlight apparel marketed the Headies line of jeans as “High styled dungarees. Extra full cut to fit husky youths and boys.”

One reason these rarely seen fold down front pocket HEADIES caught our eye was due to sharing many of the design details as a similar pair of THE BIG FAVORITE boys dungarees, part of the vintageworkwear.com collection. They are seen in the photo below in addition to a older post here along with a THE BIG FAVORITE jacket.
A nice piece on HEADLIGHT OVERALLS manufacturer Larned Carter & Co. including this pair of 1930's era HEADLIGHT buckle back dungarees can be found at Blue Gold Blues
1930's era HEADLIGHT buckle back dungarees courtesy of Ragtop Vintage
1950's era HEADLIGHT button fly dungarees courtesy of Moth Food


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  4. I have a pair of Headlight jeans from the early years around the 1930's with tags still on them. Very good condition. Where can I sell these?

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  6. I just acquired a pair of headlight hickory striped converalls. Any information you could give me would be appreciated. Thanks

  7. I have a Crown jacket from my grandpa. Curious about when it was made. The zipper is the only part that says Crown.