Apr 11, 2011

LOFGREN 1920's Style Indigo Dyed Polka Dot Print Wabash Shirt

Just received my beautiful 1920's style Wabash Polka Dot work shirt. Details include
• Japanese Indigo Dye
• Chinstrap closure at neck
• Scalloped double back yoke and underarms with indigo thread ventilation holes
• Hexagon embossed buttons similar to those seen on vintage Tuff-Nut work shirts 
• Railroad style watch pocket with additional angled button hole for watch chain 
• Front patch pockets with authentic work shirt bar-tacking and stitching details
• Lower hem rip-stop shirt tail gussets
• Correct proportional cut and fit 
• Can be worn tucked in or left out for equally correct look

Fit picks to follow after a cold water soak & line dry.

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Additional angled button hole for watch chain can be seen on front button placket.
Nice subtle choice of indigo thread for the vent holes. 
Embossed hexagon type buttons.
Railroad type watch pocket  with nice stitching & bar-tack details.
Lower hem rip-stop gusset and union label type zig-zag stitching.
John Lofgren's nice take on a much favored United Garment Workers of America union label design.
Care instructions for Japanese indigo dye.
Cold water soak in the tub .
Indigo dye after minimal contact.